Nan Wang

I am graduating at Fall 2018, looking for a full time job now.



Work Experience



Ground Object Tracking Based-on AR.Drone (2013)

UAV Route Planning Verification (2014)

Fault-Tolerant Flight Controller Simulation (2014)

Linux Kernel Aging Detection (2015)

UnitFL (2015)

Toy CPU on FPGA (2016)

Tiger Language Compiler (2017)

Stochastic Petri Net Solver (2017)

Buffer overflow attack (2018)

Root kit (2018)

Network File System with Caching (2018)


Term Course Topic Grade
2016 Fall ECE 550D Fundamentals of Computer Systems and Engineering A+
2016 Fall ECE 555 Probability for Electrical and Computer Engineers A
2016 Fall MATH 561 Numerical Linear Algebra A+
2017 Sprng ECE 553 Compiler Construction A
2017 Sprng ECE 590 - 12 Discrete Event Simulation A
2017 Fall STA 621 Applied Stochastic Processes A-
2018 Sprng COMPSCI 520 Numerical Analysis A
2018 Sprng COMPSCI 590 Computer Security A
2018 Sprng ECE 650 Systems Programming & Engineering A+
2018 Fall ECE 551D Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms in C++ not finished yet
2018 Fall ECE 590 - 02 Enterprise Storage Architecure not finished yet


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  2. Cheng Chen, Nan Wang, “UnitFL: A fault localization tool integrated with unit test”, Computer Science and Network Technology (ICCSNT) 2016 5th International Conference on, 2016.
  3. Zheng Zheng, Kishor S. Trivedi, Nan Wang and Kiu Qiu, “Markov Regenerative Models of WebServers for Their User-Perceived Availability and Bottlenecks”, IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, 2018.
  4. Harish Sukhwani, Nan Wang, Kishor Trivedi and Andy Rindos, “Performance Modeling of Hyperledger Fabric (Permissioned Blockchain Network)”, in The 17th IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications, 2018.